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What others are saying about PHCedge

Russ - Restaurant & Bar Owner - NJ

In our first month with PHCedge our food sales were up almost 30%, bar sales were up 20%, and we’re making a lot more money than we were before. PHCedge is doing a great job for us. Outstanding results.

John - Restaurant Owner - TX

I’ve been in this business 37 years and have opened 176 restaurants. This is an exciting technology like I have never seen before. I put all my restaurants and bars on the platform immediately and seen increased profits. 

Mark - Sports Bar and Grill Owner - FL

This new technology sets us apart  from other restaurants; it gives us more customers, and another revenue stream. We started two months ago and have seen an increase in sales of 12%. We’re seeing people come back more often, and bring in more friends. We’re very happy with PHCedge.  

Dominick - Tavern Bartender - NJ

We’re seeing customers come in more often and bring in more friends. Sales are up; definitely worth it. 

Bill – Sports Bar Owner - NJ

This has been nothing but a PLUS for us; we recommend it. We broke even our first month, increased 8% in the second month, and just had the BEST weekend we have ever had. This gets people to bring in their friends, who then join PHCedge, and then they bring in their friends, and so on. The feedback from the customers has been nothing but positive. This is the first program that we’ve ever had where we are making money from the program itself.

John – Asian Bistro Owner - CO

I’ve been in the restaurant business 25 years and have tried dozens of marketing techniques. When I saw this unique concept from PHCedge, and how it benefits customers, while dramatically increasing monthly revenue, I got ALL IN.

Arick – Steakhouse Owner - ID

This is going to revolutionize the restaurant industry. Everybody wants a good deal, and this gives it to them.