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Monthly Profits - Guaranteed


Restaurant and bar owners are constantly seeking ways to attract more customers, increase dining frequency, boost revenue, and reduce overhead. They offer specials & discounts, promote “Happy Hour," and experiment with endless loyalty programs/coupon promotions like Groupon. Many even resort to the latest delivery services such as UberEats, BiteSqaud, etc. The problem is, restaurants and bars pay as much as 50% to use some of these services, but they seldom gain customer loyalty, increase dining frequency, revenue, or bottom-line profits.  

PROVEN  RESULTS – We help you solve these problems. We have proven consistently that restaurants and bars who use our program, not only attract new customers, and increase dining frequency, but their revenues and profits surge dramatically as well. Some restaurants reported an increase in revenue as high as 35% in just two months. As a matter of fact, we are confident that PHCedge will work for you with GUARANTEED Results.

Ask yourself 3 questions to see if PHCedge is right for you….

1. Would you seriously like to increase your number of customers and the number of times they frequent your establishment, and would you like for them to bring their friends in with them?

2. Would you be willing to give a new marketing strategy a try if you knew that it would increase your net revenue by 25% in just 90 days GUARANTEED?

3. Would you like to take advantage of our DFW launch special by being one of the first establishments in your area?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then PHCedge is right for you….


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